Minh's Vision Board

Vision Board

Future home


  1. Get good at job
  2. Earn the monies
  3. Obsessively search for a place
  4. Find an estate agent who's not a snake
  5. Outbid everyone
  6. Swim through paperwork
  7. Spend a ridiculous amount on a moving truck because I'm the stereotype of a female and own too many things
  8. Furnish place
  9. Cry about how much I just spent
  10. Sprawl across a double bed in my new awesome place

Party with my sheep homies in NZ

One day...

  1. Save money
  2. Save more money
  3. Search for flights
  4. Live off instant noodles for a month
  5. Book flights
  6. Count down every hour
  7. Fly
  8. Eat sushi and frolic among the Kiwis

Know what I'm doing and kill it at work

A lot to learn

  1. Figure out this coding thingamajig
  2. Design some cool shit
  3. Learn the apps and product inside-out
  4. Master selling and customer success
  5. Design some more cool shit
  6. Don't fuck up
  7. Smash it